18 Brockley St.

13,000 sq. ft. Commercial / Industrial Office & Warehouse Space

Location: 18 Brockley Street, Hamilton
Client: Spallacci Group Limited
Consultant: Tymoshuk & Tymoshuck Architect Ltd.
Project Completion: 1991

BFI Canada
BFI Canada

Addition of Ramp & Extension of Transfer Station Facility

Location: 464 Rennie Street, Hamilton
Client: BFI Canada Inc.
Consultant: Group Eight Engineering
Project Completion: September 2007

75 & 85 Lansing Dr.

Construction of Commercial/Industrial Office & Warehouse Space totalling approx. 36,520 sq.ft.

Location: 75 & 85 Lansing Dr.
Client: Spallacci Group Ltd.
Consultant: Victor Pala Architect Ltd.
Project Completion: 1990